On 24th August, 2018 A word game competition was held in Carmel Convent High School, Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai for the classes III and IV. The competition was divided into three rounds. Qualifier round, Semifinal round and final round. Qualifier round had twenty words which were dictated to all the students of class III and IV. Students who secured 18 and above marks out of twenty were taken for semifinal round was based on spell check and perfect pronunciation. One student from each squad was selected for the final round. Final round of the competition had 8 rounds altogether like, 1. Spell bee 2. Jumbled words 3. Riddles 4. Homophones 5. Translate me 6. Picture Reading 7. Word Antakshari 8. Tongue Twister.As it was an Inter squad competition, the winners of the competition are as follows:
The aim of the competition was to inculcate competitive spirit and to develop reading, writing and listening skills in English language.