Carmel Convent High School organised one day picnic to Imagica on 16th January 2019.

The students were asked to come to school at the regular time at 7:30 am. The students were filled with excitement and joy. The principal, class teachers and PT masters along with the students boarded the bus and left from the school around 8:30 am. Students had their breakfast in the bus which was carried by them.

All of us took entry in the Imagica Atlab by 10:30 am. First 45 minutes we enjoyed in the ‘snow world’ where the temperature is maintained at -5
d degree celsius. After that the students spent their day in various rides and enjoyed a lot.

At 1:30 PM we had our lunch and at 4:30 PM refreshed with snacks by 6:30 PM there was an Imagica carnival which was mind blowing. We left from the place by 7:00 PM and reached the school around 8:15 PM. Parents were gathered in the school to pick up their wards. This picnic will remain as memorable one for the students. The students thanked the Management and the Principal Sr. Sushmita for organizing such a wonderful Picnic for them.