Facilities on Campus

Yoga Classes

With the increased pressure on students, our school has recognized the need for them to learn Yoga and benefit from this age old practice for the well-being of body and mind.


Biology Lab

Understanding living things and appreciating the beauty of life around us is brought alive in this laboratory.
Infrastructure_bio-Lab  Infrastructure_Bio-Lab-1

Chemistry Laboratory

The place where things go boom. Our chemistry lab is packed with compounds to stimulate the mind.
Infrastructure_Chem-Lab_1  Infrastructure_Chem-Lab_2

Computer Lab

The computer facilities on campus provide students a portal to the digital world.


The Play Ground

All work and no play make Jack and Jill dull children. The school has playgrounds for football, basketball and other outdoor activities that help students channel their energies in productive physical development.
Infrastructure_Sports ground-1  Infrastructure_Sports ground-2

Infrastructure_Sports ground-3  Infrastructure_Sports ground-4

Library section

The school has taken keen interest to cultivate reading habits in the students by providing well equipped section. It supports the students by providing appropriate information resources. It is well equipped with various sections of books according to the students’ age and level. There are plenty of reference books which will help the students as well as the teachers to upgrade their knowledge.

Music section

School promotes extra-curricular activities along with the curriculum; hence school has a music section. In this section students learn wonderful world of music in its own unique way.