The Spell-Bee Competition for grade V to IX students was organised by the Literary Club, Carmel Convent High School on 10th January, 2020. There were 20 students who qualified from the semifinals.
The rounds for the competition were as follows –
Round I: – Spell the words
Round II: – Find the incorrect words.
Round III: – Visualization
Round IV: – What am I?
Round V: – Rapid fire.
Almost all the 20 participants spelt each word correctly. Even the toughest words of the tie – breaker rounds were spelt with unflinching ease by the students. It was a difficult task to reach to the final winner groups.
The competition made students aware of spellings and the usage of many unfamiliar words. It was a wonderful learning experience not only for the participants but also for the audience to enrich the vocabulary bank.

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