28th February is celebrated as National Science Day all over the country, commemorating the discovery of the Roman effect by CV. Raman for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930. As a part of outreach programmes on Natioanl Science Day, every year on February 28, exhibitions and experiments are organised by Tata institude of Fundamental Research (TIFR) at Homi Bhabha centre for science education with a focus on creating more interest and awareness of science, technology an engineering.
Our school organised an educational trip for the science club members with a total number of 95 students accompanied by 4 science teachers to witness this exhibition. The exhibition was very exciting, informative and well organised and explained by the research team of TIFR. The main attractions of this exhibition was history of science, gender and science, integrated school science experiments and demonstrations, collaborative art, glass blowing techniques, liquid nitrogen, video shows, book exhibition and sale of science toys and garden walk. Our students were very interactive and responded well and they got an opportunity to understand well the applications of science and technology in our day to day life by observing all working models. Indeed this was a wonderful and fruitful educational trip.