Maths Competition for primary school students of class I and II was conducted on 22nd February, 2019, Friday in the ground floor hall.
The selection of the participant was done according to the houses Red [Preeti], Blue [Pragati], Green [Asha] and Yellow [Vidhya]. From each house 4 students were selected.
The selection was very fair and well planned. The semifinal round was conducted on 18th February, 2019. 24 students took part from each division in the competition.
The competition was conducted in six rounds. It began with the first round dodging tables, second round counting, third round time, Fourth round calendar, fifth round making different shapes with match sticks and the sixth round was Tens and Unit on the Abacus.
All participants solved the questions very actively and enthusiastically.
At the end of the competition some questions were asked to the audience too and the winners were from the green [Asha] squad.