Freedom in the Mind
Faith in the words
Pride in our souls.

The 72 Independence Day at Carmel Convent High School was celebrated with newness, freshness, enthusiasm, fervour and euphoria. The programme was conducted by class IX students which began with a prayer dance, prayer service and felicitation of sisters and teachers.
A well performed skit was brought forth by the students that displayed the plight of our society.
The chains of crime, corruption etc that we are bound with inspite of this freedom. The children brought out the question, what does Independence Day mean to us? This left the audience in thoughts and wonder. The skit was followed by patriotic dance and also a skating performance performed by the group of girls. The act was brave and charismatic.
Our Manager Sr. Laveena addressed the students and helped them to achieve a better understanding of the day’s importance.
The programme ended with the distribution of chocolates to retain sweet memories.
Last but not the least, True independence and freedom can only exist in doing whats right.