It was an exciting day for all the Carmelite teachers to meet once again on 13th June 2019 to begin a new academic year 2019 – 2020. When all the teachers were gathered in the Hall, the school Principal Sr Sushmita AC welcomed all with great joy and requested all to get into the spirit of prayer. Then the management conducted a beautiful prayer service in order to begin this new academic year with God’s blessings. Then the teachers were asked to take part in English Grammar workshop.
An impressive and creative workshop on English grammar was organised by Macmillan Education India. Mrs. Sudha, the resource person from the Macmillan India, conducted the workshop.
Various new techniques were taught to teach the grammar lessons. Time flew while we were taught about the interesting and innovative ways to teach English grammar to the young curious minds for whom we are responsible.
Thanks to our Principal Sr. Sushmita, Manager Sr. Laveena and management for organizing this meaningful and knowledgeable workshop.

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