Enacting competition based on science topics was organised on 28th of February, 2019.
The competition was conducted between the grade III students. The competition started by giving a warm welcome to our manager Sr. Laveena, Principal Sr. Sushmita, Judge Tr. Anvita and to all the teachers and students.
The main aim of this competition was to help the students to learn the science related concept in a better and easy way through Audio Visual aids.
Class IIIA enacted on the topic of clothes according to the different parts of the country.
Class III B enacted on the different types of occupations and class IIIC enacted on the topic of growing up and growing old.
The criteria of judging were based on the topic that was chosen, the costume and their overall presentation which carried 30 points.
Each class skillfully presented themselves on the stage and helped the children in the audience to learn and know more about the concept in a better way.
At the end, it was a successful competition which ended happily by the vote of thanks by Tr. Nutan.

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