The most awaited day of the year for the students is the picnic. An educational trip was organised by the school this year on 6th October, 2018 for classes V,VI and VII. We started at 8:30 am in the morning with prayer and a feeling of a great day ahead.
The students were extremely excited and kept singing songs and cracked jokes till they reached the site. Healthy breakfast was served in the bus itself. By around 10 am, we reached the Reserve Bank of India Monetary Museum. It had an amazing collection of coins and notes with signature of each RBI governor the country ever had. It talked about the evolution of money during ancient times all the way from 4th century BC, money by each ruler of India. There were artefacts and exhibits of currency notes and rare coins.
The second place visited was the Prince of wales Museum which holds some of the most exquisite artefacts relating to rich and diverse history of India. Students enjoyed watching the paintings and statutes and made notes of everything they observed in their diaries. They enjoyed the interactive session at the Natural History section of museum which includes collection of reptiles, animals, mammals, amphibians, birds and fishes.
By afternoon 2:30 pm, we reached the green lawns of Hanging Gardens where students relaxed and had their lunch in groups.
The most enjoyable time was in the play area with swings, slides, merry go round, see saw and the Boot House.
At around 4 p.m., the students gathered together again and were served cake and ice-cream.
Indeed, it was a great day for all students and teachers which led to good bonding and merriment. We reached back to school safe and sound by around 7 p.m. and children returned to their homes with good memories of the day.