An educational picnic was organised by the Carmel Convnt High School on 16th February, 2019 for the students of class I II III and IV. The venue chosen by the school was Tikujiniwari amusement Park situated in Thane. The busses departed at 8:00 a.m. from school after prayer service conducted by school Principal Sr. Sushmita.
Students were very excited and showed their talents of singing and dancing on the way. We arrived at the venue around 9:30 am. School staff and students were welcomed by the Tikujiniwari officials. Breakfast was provided to the students and school staff. After delicious breakfast children enjoyed the thrilling rides. Their excitement was on extreme when they entered in Dinosaur Park. They enjoyed many adventurous rides and so on. After Lunch Children were entered in water park which was the most awaited and exciting moment for them.
At last students and staff departed for the school. They had great experience and desired to revisit the place.
Motto of the trip was to have fun and learn about adventure. We thank out dear Principal and Management of Carmel Convent High School for arranging such a wonderful and memorable educational trip.