Tr. Nutan Maratha and Tr. Liby attended the seminar.

AVEC conducted a value education co-ordinators forum 2018 at Don Bosco International School on 18th  September, 2018 in Matunga.

The theme for the seminar was :- Formula for a good life :- Health + Harmony + Holiness = Happiness.

Seminar began at 8.00 am followed by registration, welcome and prayer service.

At 9.00 am Fr. George Athaide, ABE secretary introduced us to AVEC.

Fr. Crispino D’souza sbd gave us a talk on positive pedagogical principles.

Fr. Ian Doultan sbd gave a talk on Resilience in the education system. Fr. Jacob Anthony sbd told his views on Youth spirituality.

AVEC awards were distributed to schools for good achievement throughout the year.

At around 1:30 pm the seminar got over and we departed with a packet of delicious lunch.

As value education co-ordinators this seminar was indeed beneficial for both of us. We thank our school management Sr. Sushmita for giving us the opportunity to attend this seminar.