On 16th December,2018 Carmel Convent High School hosted its 4th Annual Sports meet for the High school. It was a day that was filled with vigour, fun and vitality.

The atmosphere of the school took a festive look. The sports Day was inaugurated by releasing balloons. The Chief Guest for the Sports Meet was Mrs. Bertha Fernandes.

The programme included the entire formal protocol of a sports day beginning with the March Past followed by events like the potato race, frog jump, shuttle race, ring race, three legged race, balancing ball race and running races. Last there were colourful displays like Aerobics, dumbbells, lezim and a dance performance depicting the diverse culture of India that were performed energetically by various classes. The winners were awarded with certificates and medals. Group events were awarded with trophies and certificates. Culminating the programme was the yoga drill that beautifully displayed the flexibility of the students.

The sports meet came to an end with the National Anthem.