Miss. Ruth R. Fernandes won Gold Medal in Martial Arts Competition Organized by Indian Martial art Federation Regd. By Govt of MH. F-11766.

Miss. Tanaya S. Gaikwad got Gold Medal in Shadow Sparring in 17th Open National Level IMF Martial arts Championship 2017 organized by Indian Martial Art Federation.

Miss Sharvari S. Karkhile won a Gold Medal in Shadow Sparring, in the 17th Open National Level IMF Martial Arts Championship 2017, organized by Indian Martial art Federation and also a Gold Medal at the State level .

Swayan Nivritinath Patil from class II-B got 1st position in drawing competition arranged by Ram Sheth Thakur School on the Swatchata Bharat Abhiyan, on 2nd October 2017.

Shraddha Waghmode from STD. X stood 4th in drawing competition arranged by Ram Sheth Thakur School,( Kalamboli Centre)on the Swatchata Bharat Abhiyan on 2nd October 2017.


Miss.  Shruti Anil Supe from class X-A won Gold Medal in savate kickboxing championship (State-level) and Silver Medal in National Savate Kickboxing Championship (at Chandigarh).

Miss.  Sayali Anil Varnekar from class X-A won Gold medal in District Taekwondo Game and Participated at State Level Championship.

Master Melvin Joseph of class V-A has bagged the bronze medal at the state level karate Championship, organized by the BINO-RYU Karate – DO Association –Pune, on the 20th August, 2017.It was Japan Karate Shotokai Maharashtra state karate championship which was held at Pune.


Carmel Convent High School, Kalamboli U/17 Boys won P.M.C Cricket Tournament final match against Ramsheet Thakur Public School at Karnala sports academy 2017 and qualify for the Division Level.

Miss. Komaldeep Kaur Bhinder  won state topper award and scholarship in National Indian Talent Exam.

Miss. Tanashvi  M. Pujari won National Topper Award and Tablet in National Indian Talent Exam.

Master Calvin James won State Topper Award and Scholarship in National  Indian Talent Exam.

Students were appeared TRINITY KEYBOARD EXAM music exam. Two students bagged distinction. Three students stood meritorious.

WINNERS OF Panacea singing competition held is Kamothe.

WINNERS OF Panacea dance competition held at Kamothe.

WINNERS OF Panacea MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS competition held at Kamothe.

Ms. Khushi kaswan from calss IV got championship trophy in 4th PAMA INDAI ABACUS AND MENTAL ARITHMETIC COMPETITION organised by Aksharshilp education PVT. LTD.

Ms. Sylvia R. Muchandi from class VI got Silver Medal and certificate in sports organised by Greenwood Cultural Fest, Panvel on 26th January 2018.

Winners of Indian Martial Art Federation Regd. By Govt. of Maharashtra.

Master Nimesh Patil from Class VI has been awarded with Laptop from “Indian Talent” Examination.

Ms Pavitha Lyar secured First position in General knowledge examination conducted by LIC. She won and also received Rs. 20,000/-

Karnala Sports Academy Panvel -2016 organized 80M running race (Under|10|Girls) where following students got (Golden,Silver,bronze) Medal and certificates.

1. Aher Shavani Sunil (I Prize) 2. Naik Arya Rajendra (II Prize) 3. Gaikwad Sara Sunil (III Prize)

Master Atharva Kumawat secured IInd position in Singing Competition(Boys under 10-14)

Following students scored IInd place in Basket Ball Competition(Under|14|Boys)

Well Done Shruti Anil Supe from IX-A. She scored Golden Medel in Kick Boxing, Silver Medel in Judo,Unifight and Boxing.

Every year our school conducts International Science Olympiad Examination. This year too our students participated enthusiastically.Following students are the school toppers.

Science Olympiad


Avani Patil(1st Rank)(Gold Medal)   Samrudhi Shinde(2nd Rank)(Silver Medal)  Saniya Gambhirao(3rd Rank)(Bronze Medal)



Vignesh Singh(1st Rank)               Aditi Rai (1st Rank)                       Dakshita Poojari (1st Rank)           Sanjivanee Jadhav(2nd Rank)         Mrunmai Kadam( 3rd Rank)

       (Gold Medal)                                 (Gold Medal)                                 (Gold Medal)                                  (Silver Medal)                                     (Bronze Medal)


Winners of Indian Martial Art Competition held on 10th February.2019 in Navi Mumbai by Indian Martial art Federation.

Winners from Left to Right:

First Line

Aadesh Jagtap(1 Gold Medal), Aditya Thombare ( 1 Gold Medal),Yash Vishwakarma((1 Gold Medal and Certifical), Harshraj Mardhkear (1 Gold Medal), Anshul Shinde (2 Gold Medals & trophy), Anvesh Shindhe( 2 Gold Medals & Trophy), Bhomi Vispute ( 2 Gold Medal), Utkarsh Suralkar( 1 Silver Medal), Akruti Raut( 1 Gold Medal).

Second Line:

Aadesh Jagtap (1 Silver Medal), Tasqeen Deshmukh (1 Gold Medal & 1 Bronze Medal), Akshara Mane( 1 Gold Medal), Vaibhav Tiwari ( 1 Gold Medal), Rugveda Bhoir ( 2 Gold Medals), Rutu Dawkhar (1 Silver Medal), kanishka Gaiker( 1 Gold Medal), Mukesh Raut ( 2 Gold Medals).

Winners of TAEKWONDO Championship at N.H.P school by school sports Association Raigad.

  1. Nikita Nwase (1 Gold Medal and Certificate)
  2. Rahita Jadhav (1 Gold Medal and Certificate)
  3. Atharv Patil (Silver Medal and Certificate)


Miss Burakh Shaikh won title of IMF Soldier by Indian Martial Art Federation. She also won championship trophy by Navi Mumbai Aamdar cup Martial Arts championship.


Rudra Nilesh Patil from Class IC won Certificate and trophy in 8th National & 1st International Competition Abacus & Vedic Maths Competition of Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition.

PRANUSH MALI from class VIIA won following certificate and Medals:

  1. Gold Medal and Certificate from Open District Level Karate Championship Organized by Martial Arts and Sports Karate Association.
  2. Bronze Medal and Certificate from National Kung Fu Championship.

Miss Divyanshi Parmar from Class II secured GOLD Medal and certificate in inter school TAEKWONDO CHAMPIONSHIP at N.H.P School Khanda Colony.

Miss Srusti Patil from Class II secured Bronze Medal and Certificate certificate in inter school TAEKWONDO CHAMPIONSHIP at N.H.P School Khanda Colony.

Winners of State level Colour Competition at RAGHUKUL EDUCATION TRUST Govt. recognized trust.

Names and Awards from Right to Left:


Miss Nikita Newase from Class VIII secured GOLD Medal and certificate in District Level TAEKWONDO at Karnala Sports Academy, Panvel.

Miss Siddhi Borhade won gold medal and certificate in the Raigad District Selection Chess tournament under age group 13 organised by Raigad District chess circle and sport Association.


Outstanding performance in National Indian Telent Exam 2017-18:

  1. Ms. Komaldeep Kaur Bhinder from class VII won National topper tablet winner award in English.                                                                                                                                                                              

2. Master Neel Sonawane from IV standard won state topper scholarship of rupees 1000/- in cyber.

3. Ms. Samruddhi Shindhev from standard IV won state topper scholarship of rupees 700/- in science.

4. Ms. Sakshi Mohan Devadiga from standard VIII won state topper scholarship of rupees 500/- in science.

5. Ms. Saniya Gambhir Rao won class topper 1 award in Maths and Science.

I Glenisha Nazareth won class topper 1 award in G.K.
II Dalvi Shreya kiran won excellence medal award and class topper 1 award in Maths.
III Om Premnath Raje won excellence medel award in G.K and class topper 2 award in Maths.
IV Deshmukh Tasqeen Khalid won class topper 1 award in English.

I Atharv Jagtap won class topper 1 award in English.
II Cheryl lobo won class topper 2 award in English.
III Sanskruti Pawar won an Excellence award in English.
IV Shikha Jaiswal won class topper 3 award in English.





I. NEHAL PATIL won class topper 1 award in Maths.
II. SARTHAK GURUDEV won class topper 1 award in Maths.
III. ABHISHEK GAIKWAD won class topper 2 award in Maths.
IV. GLENNA JOPPY won class topper 3 award in Maths.





9. Staines Abraham won excellence medal Award in GK.


  1. Arya Naik won an Excellence and Class topper award in Science.
  2. Josna Josh won Class topper 1 award in Science.


Ms. Snehal Patil from class III won Silver medal and Gold medal  in Kung Fu Shu All India Karate in Koparkhairane.

Miss Khushi Kaswan won champion trophy in Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competition by Pama Global Abacus Mental Arithmetic Association in Ozar.





1 Kothari Palak Pawan National topper winner
2 Bhinder Komaldeep Kaur National topper winner
3 Bhoir Paras Yashwant Excellence medal award
4 Jagtap Adesh Kishor State topper_Cash award winner
5 Dali Juhi Narendra Excellence medal award winner
6 Unnithan Gaurinandan Sunilkumar State topper cash award winner
7 Shaikh Saniya Ejaz State topper cash award winner
8 Shinde Samruddhi Mahadev Excellence medal award
9 Gambhirrao Saniya Sameer Excellence medal award
10 D’souza Melisha Manoj Excellence medal award
11 Devadiga Sakshi Mohan Excellence medal award
12 Parte Shrushti Jayesh State topper cash award winner
13 Pawar Sarthak Gurudev Excellence medal award winner
14 Chaudhari Kunal Atul Excellence medal award
15 Bhattacharya Saikat saibal Excellence medal award
16 Sharma Ishita Abhishek Excellence medal award winner
17 Pawar Sanskruti Sunil Excellence medal award
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