Our Vision

Called to live in God’s presence and sharing in Christ’s mission to transform the world in love, we Sisters of the Apostolic Carmel respond like Mary and our Foundress Mother Veronica by our lives of Consecration.

  • Striving to draw out the full potential of our students.
  • Fostering in them the rich values of Christian and cultural heritage so that they are urged to respond to life’s challenges with joy and courage that is rooted in prayer, and committed to serve society.

The School is recognized by the Department of Education Maharashtra in the year 2004.

Though the school is primarily meant to provide Catholic girls with sound Religious and Moral Education and Christian Culture other pupils are also admitted without distinction of caste or creed with due respect to their religious feeling and freedom of conscience. A course of religious instruction is given to Catholic students. Children of other Faiths are taught moral science, a course in our fundamental duties to God, self, other persons and society.

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