Students of grade VI and X had organized a beautiful programme on account of Diwali celebration and Sr.Laveena, our Manager’s Feast day and birthday. The programme began at 11.00 a.m. with a peaceful prayer dance and prayer service followed by our tradition of lamp lighting ceremony. Our melodious choir had enhanced the occasion with various Diwali based songs and also a special song on feast and birthday was sung. The highlight of the programme was a skit performance by grade VI, where the glimpses of five days Diwali celebration was showcased and icing over the cake which limelighted the whole programme was amazing dance performances by grade I-IV girls, who made all tap their feet on their dancing numbers. Towards the end, Sr.Laveena gave a wonderful message on Diwali and she thanked everyone for their lovely wishes on her feast day. With the festive mood in mind, the moment was a mesmerizing one.







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