Online Application Portal for VERONICA PRE-PRIMARY

NURSERY Admissions for 2018-19

Veronica Pre-Primary, Kalamboli will be conducting ONLINE APPLICATIONS for admission  for Nursery class for academic year 2018-19.

The application portal is now CLOSED and no new applications will be accepted.

At the time of the document review meeting, both parents and applicant must be present. The list of documents to be brought are listed below. You have to bring the ORIGINALS and a photocopy for submission. There will be no rescheduling permitted. Date and time of document review meeting will be as below.



  • Coloured Passport size photo of the child (45mm x 35 MM)
  • Family photo max width 10 cm

Certificates & Documents

  • Duly completed application form signed by BOTH parents
  • Municipal Birth Certificate of the child in ENGLISH ONLY
  • Proof of Residence
    • Ration Card of family/Telephone bill/Electricity Bill/Passport
    • Aadhar Card of father and mother
    • Aadhar card of child
  • Siblings: Recent Report card of brother or Declaration page of School Calendar
  • Baptism certificate of the child seeking admission– in case of Christians only
  • Caste Certificate (in the Child’s name – if any)
  • Medical Certificate – compulsory in case of disability

Date of Birth


Admission to Date of Birth From Date of Birth Till
NURSERY 1 October 2014 30 September 2015


Selection of Applicants


The School will contact the applicants for a document review meeting via SMS. Please do not contact the school until then. 

Please do not disturb the school authorities during the entire application process. There are very few seats available, so your cooperation will be appreciated. You will be informed of the status of your application via SMS on the mobile numbers submitted online as part of the application.

Form No Date Time
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0153 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0182 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0239 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0111 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0083 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0099 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0118 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0227 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0077 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0110 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0181 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0170 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0016 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0122 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0137 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0179 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0049 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0128 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0164 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0218 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0052 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0253 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0018 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0220 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0012 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0085 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0165 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0020 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0199 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0035 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0127 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0043 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0234 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0141 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0236 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0255 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0013 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0074 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0231 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0126 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0241 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0108 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0155 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0198 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0173 16-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0071 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0210 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0124 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0114 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0248 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0219 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0091 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0193 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0008 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0075 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0240 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0156 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0045 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0080 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0076 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0082 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0069 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0078 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0032 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0238 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0130 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0177 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0186 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0125 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0243 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0100 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0073 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0025 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0056 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0230 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0115 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0245 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0113 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0015 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0029 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0211 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0065 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0132 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0158 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0176 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0096 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0232 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0033 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0129 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0229 16-Jan 3.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0063 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0030 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0054 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0019 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0055 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0247 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0147 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0061 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0214 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0048 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0044 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0143 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0014 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0026 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0202 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0196 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0224 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0087 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0162 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0201 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0039 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0174 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0028 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0175 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0036 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0119 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0064 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0191 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0034 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0250 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0042 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0079 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0254 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0142 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0213 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0046 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0121 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0010 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0190 16-Jan 4.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0148 16-Jan 4.00pm
Form No Date Time
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0163 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0059 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0208 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0180 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0145 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0058 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0140 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0105 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0005 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0187 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0168 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0112 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0092 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0002 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0171 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0189 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0094 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0192 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0046 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0007 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0133 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0102 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0184 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0139 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0027 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0023 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0072 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0226 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0134 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0244 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0062 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0116 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0172 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0095 17-Jan 2.00pm
CARMEL-1819-Nursery-0090 17-Jan 2.00pm